Charity Fundraising

Charity Fundraising for 2014 & Beyond

WomenBizSENSE members have generous hearts. Each year, we will endeavour to visit and bring some cheer to the underprivileged community in Penang.

Since 2010, we have been going to House of Hope in Rifle Range, Air Itam. Our aim is simple – it is best to get to know and help one organization in breadth and depth than to go visit 10 different charity homes in Penang without really getting to know each charity home well.

House of Hope is a drop-in center to assist the low-income community who live in the Rifle Range flats.

womenbizsense house of hope
Presenting a cheque to Cheng See (middle, green) to support the bus fares for 3 children for one year

Its administrator, Miss Khoo Cheng See and her team, oversee the needs of these people – from single mothers with children, children whose parents have run away to elderly folks who live alone.

She provides lunch for children and senior citizens as well as monthly groceries like Milo, milk powder, rice, sugar and biscuits to families with limited financial capability. Her monthly bill comes up to RM40,000. Thankfully last year she managed to raise enough money for the costs of running House of Hope.

Once a year, we organize two events at House of Hope. One is a party for the 100 or so children ranging from 2 years old to 18 years old. We have food, gifts and games for them. The other is a pre-Christmas gift distribution for the 50 single mothers who are registered with House of Hope. Some of their lives are truly difficult.

Year after year, we rally our WomenBizSENSE members together whenever we need funds for events at House of Hope.  To find out more about House of Hope, please visit their website at

Some of our initiatives in 2014 were to raise RM20,000 which we donated equally to House of Hope and Special Children’s Centre:

  • Selling Heart for Charity rose soaps
  • Selling Chinese New Year hampers

chinese new year steamboat womenbizsense

From 2016 onwards, we started organizing a CNY steamboat lunch for some 70 to 80 senior citizens who live in Rifle Range and are registered with House of Hope for daily lunch packs. They are truly appreciative of the food and ang pows that we provide. View the 2017 CNY steamboat photos, courtesy of G3K Studio.

If you would like to support, sponsor or partner with us for these community projects, contact us.