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Start here for a quick overview of what WomenBizSENSE is about, events and activities we organize for our women entrepreneurs and what else you can look forward to.


Find out about our WomenBizSENSE Business Mentoring Programme and how you can participate.


2019 Women Netpreneur event (12-13 March 2019, The Light Hotel, Prai).
Notes from the moderated panel discussion by Krista Goon where two other WBS members, Gosia Cano and Jerrica Tan were featured. Check out what Gosia and Jerrica shared about selling online. 

2015 WomenBizSENSE 9th Anniversary.
These slides were presented by past president, Krista Goon at Hotel Jen, Penang. Click here to view her slide deck.


2020 Happy Hearts’ Day – Celebrating Valentine’s Day with 100 Seniors of House of Hope (credit to Bayz of Yellow Duck Studio for this video).

2019 WomenBizSENSE Retro Night 13th Anniversary Dinner.

2019 Video Introduction to WomenBizSENSE produced by Atlantic Motion in Style.

2018 Bollywood Night 12th Anniversary Celebration

2016 Introduction Video to WomenBizSENSE below. 

WE R.O.C.K Day 2016 video (produced by Grace of Falling Gracefully for WomenBizSENSE).
This video captures the heart and soul of our women entrepreneurship showcase which was organized in October 2016. The event was created and produced by women for women. Women totally rock!


Discover what businesses are represented in WomenBizSENSE via our Member Directory. Get to know our current Committee too.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

What if you’re not a woman in business but would like to support our organization?Join our Exclusive Merchant Programme or advertise on this website.


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