Connecting Penang Women Entrepreneurs Since 2006

WomenBizSENSE is a registered women entrepreneur organization based in Penang, Malaysia. We’re a non-profit organization, run by a team of committed volunteers who comprise women in businesses and we’ve been helping women entrepreneurs since 2006.

Our aim is to connect women entrepreneurs to the right people, right education and right resources they need to grow and prosper in business.

We do this through educational talks, entrepreneurship visits and exchanges, expertise sharing, seminars, business opportunities, information-sharing, and charity fundraising.

Membership is open to women who own their own businesses.

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Watch the colourful video of 2018’s 12th anniversary celebration that we celebrated in 2018 at The TOP Komtar together with the Honourable Chief Minister’s wife, YA Bhg Madam Tan Lean Kee.

bollywood night womenbizsense penang

What’s Next

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We have lots of exciting social events and community events to help you grow your network and net worth.