Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Networking Opportunities

You’ll get a variety of ways to meet and mingle with women in business.

Leadership Opportunities

You’ll have opportunities to serve and lead either in the Committee or when you undertake specific projects.

Continuing Education

The more we learn, the better it is for our businesses. We have talks, workshops and seminars by invited guest speakers of the business world.

Strategic Partnership Opportunities

We help connect you to other businesswomen for enhanced partnership opportunities.

Member Directory

Get to know other businesswomen in Penang using our Member Directory or WBS Connect and share resources and referrals.

Mailing List

Get your sales, promotions and business updates out to our large community of businesswomen with our mailing list.

Support & Friendship

We’re not only here to help you with your business – we’re here to be your friend. Women need friends and what better way to forge friendships than through a community of like-minded businesswomen?

Mentoring Programmes

Need someone to share and mentor you? We can pair you up with an experienced businesswoman to help you. You don’t have to do it alone.

Information & Resources

We’re here to provide you the information and resources that you need to run your business. We have a list of recommended suppliers and services and we have members who are treasure troves of information themselves. All you need to do is ask and we’ll be here to help you.

Discounts with Partners 

We work with a number of businesses to get discounts or reduced fees for our members under our Exclusive Merchant Programme. These and more are part of the privileges of becoming a member of our organization.


We’re not just here for ourselves. We have in store many community programmes to give back to the world around us, starting with the Penang community particularly disadvantaged women and children. Join us to be part of the solution!

Increased Visibility

Increase your business visibility by sponsoring the refreshments at our monthly meetings or by sponsoring our events and activities.

For Women Only

Plus we only admit women. It’s a place for women by women. And it’s in Penang.


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When you join WomenBizSENSE, you become a member of a growing organisation of businesswomen dedicated to nurturing and promoting business ethically and sensibly among members.

We want you to benefit from WomenBizSENSE where we disseminate and provide up-to-date information, resources, help and referrals to become a powerful and impactful community of businesswomen in Penang.

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