About Us

Our Vision:

The women entrepreneur organisation dedicated to nurturing and growing a community of successful business leaders who impact society.

Our Mission:

We share resources, opportunities, connections and knowledge with established women entrepreneurs.We bring awareness to women to be part of the economy and provide business knowledge to those interested to start their business.

Our Values:

  • Trust & Respect
  • Teamwork & Integrity
  • Nurturing
  • Commitment & Passion
  • Progressive


Entrepreneurship & Education
a) Provide business education to help women start and grow their business
b) Provide a platform for mentoring programmes
c) Provide platforms for R.O.C.K (Resources, Opportunities, Connections and Knowledge)

Support & Networking
a) Provide opportunities for members to collaborate and grow their businesses

Social Responsibility
a) Reach out to women and empower them to start their businesses by giving them business knowledge and skills

SENSE in our name (WomenBizSENSE) is the acronym for Support, Education, Networking, Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship. Each of these areas is the responsibility of our Key Area Directors in the WomenBizSENSE Committee.

How WomenBizSENSE Started

josephine yoong & krista goon
Krista Goon & Datin Josephine Yoong

16 June 2006 will forever be a momentous date. On this day, two women in business thought of an idea that would bring many women who are in business together and create a ripple in Penang.

Josephine and Krista decided to create an informal group of women in business because they wanted to meet other business women. That was all they aspired to. That’s how they started WomenBizSENSE, a women entrepreneur organization.

It operated as an informal group until everyone felt it was finally time to formalize the group and become a more impactful NGO in Penang.

WomenBizSENSE was formally registered with the Registrar of Societies as Pertubuhan Usahawan Wanita Timur Laut & Barat Daya Pulau Pinang on 19 October 2012.

Why WomenBizSENSE?

Many business women are also wives, mothers and caregivers with busy lives. Women shouldn’t come to WomenBizSENSE meetings stressed out. Instead, it should be fun and engaging and at the same time, allow women to grow and support each other. It should work like a sisterhood. Friendships matter. People matter.

Truth be told, Jo and Krista started WomenBizSENSE because they could not find such a group in Penang. They wanted a group for women entrepreneurs to meet, share resources and pass referrals/business to each other without strict rules or restrictions which characterized certain groups.



josephine yoong & krista goon
Datin Josephine & Krista at the WomenBizSENSE 10th Anniversary Dinner in 2016.

WomenBizSENSE ultimately connects women in business so that they can encourage each other, spur each other and mentor each other as they grow their families and businesses.

Krista and Jo have taken turns to helm WomenBizSENSE as presidents since its founding days.

At present, they are advisors to the organization. They are still actively involved in WomenBizSENSE and continue to assist the team to reach out to more women in business.

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