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10 Good Reasons To Advertise on this Website

Here are 10 reasons why advertising with WomenBizSENSE is the best investment you’ll ever make.

#1: Our website ranks on the first page of Google for these key terms.

women entrepreneur penang (#1, first page of Google results)
penang business women (#2, first page of Google results)

Go on, google it on your own and see for yourself!

#2: Your advertisement will be seen by people who are interested in business. After all, if they’re not interested in business, they would not search or land on our website.

#3: Your ad clicks are tracked. We know how many clicks your ad gets. You will know how your ad performs.

#4: Your ad leads to your website. We send prospects interested in your ad directly to your website. It’s a direct channel!

#5: As ad space is limited, your ad will always be prominent and visible and seen by visitors to our website.

#6: Your ad is not just on our homepage but on ALL pages of our website. Visitors will see continue to see your ads no matter which page they are reading! It’s maximum publicity at minimal cost and if you’re an entrepreneur, you know this is a good deal. You won’t get this amazing opportunity on other websites.

#7: You get priority if you are a WBS member.

#8: Our advertising rates are super affordable. For WBS members it’s just RM100 for the advertisement design AND advertising space on this website for 3 months. It’s merely RM1.10 per day.

Compare this to traditional forms of advertising such as the Yellow Pages directory where a tiny ad costs RM4,000 a year. The reach of Yellow Pages is limited but the reach of a website is limitless! (Do you even use the Yellow Pages today? Most likely you’ll google if you need to find something or someone!)

#9: Your ad is seen 24/7 by anyone who visits this website.

#10: You get added credibility. Because we are a credible organization and have been around since 2006, your ad immediately becomes credible too by virtue of association with us.

Great reasons to advertise here, isn’t it?


Advertisement Rates

For General Businesses

For businesses, advertisement fees are RM300 per quarter or RM1,200 per year. This fee includes advertisement design & advertising space on our website.

For WBS Members

For WBS Members, advertisement fees are RM200 per quarter or RM800 per year (rate is inclusive of advert design & advertising space).

How To Get Started

To get started, here’s what you must do:

  1. Email us at  that you wish to advertise. Please state your duration (3 months or 1 whole year).
  2. Bank in the full rate into our account: Persatuan Ushawan Wanita Timur Laut & Barat Daya Pulau Pinang (Hong Leong account: 05301013832).
  3. Email to inform us that you’ve made payment.
  4. Once your payment is cleared and received, email us these 3 items: (a) 10-word sentence about your business (b) your website address or Facebook link (c) 1 photo or image that best represents your business (if your image is not suitable, we will find the next best image to be used).
  5. If you want us to amend further once the advertisement design is completed, a surcharge of RM300 applies. Or you may request for design sample and get your own designer to design and submit it to us.