Upcoming Events



All monthly meetings are held on the last Friday of the month unless it is a social gathering or off-site meeting. Meetings are free for members  (unless it is social gathering/lunch etc.). Guests are charged a nominal participation fee to cover refreshments and venue costs.

For details about our monthly meetings, please call the KAD (Key Area Director) or our Chair or Vice-Chair. 

27 January – Grow Your New Year with WBS. Event at Real Food, Straits Quay. 2.30pm-4.30pm, Saturday. Call Tammy for details (010 389 5767).

28 Feb – CNY celebration for WBS members and friends. Venue: to be determined.

3 March – House of Hope Chinese New Year Steamboat for Seniors. Venue: House of Hope, Rifle Range.

30 March – WBS Meeting
27 April – WBS Meeting
25 May – WBS Meeting
29 June – WE ROCK Day
27 July – WBS Meeting
18 August – 12th Anniversary Dinner “Bollywood Night” (Organising Chairperson: Surinder Kaur)
28 Sept – WBS Meeting
26 Oct – WBS AGM (WBS Chair, Regine Lim)
9 Nov – Thank you lunch for Committee
23 Nov – WBS Meeting
Dec – Xmas Collaboration with YB Chow
21 Dec – WBS Christmas lunch for WBS members & friends


Our Committee volunteers time, effort and energy to organize meetings/programmes/events for the benefit of all members. This ensures you get the best value from your membership – to help you publicise your business and raise awareness of our group. The more the public know us, the easier it is for us to connect you with better prospects and customers.

So support our events in any way you can – by sharing these events with your friends, sponsoring, helping out, taking part and showing up.

If you qualify to join us, apply by filling up the online membership form.