Key Area Directors

Key Area Directors

Contact our key area directors if you want to partner/work with us, sponsor our events, sponsor our meetings, contribute to our community projects and more. While we welcome all enquiries and proposals, please note that the Committee will need to deliberate or approve the enquiry.

Our key area directors work to support our vision and mission. Find out more about our key focus areas below.


If you are interested in partnering with us for Entrepreneurship activities, please contact Entrepreneurship Director. Your proposal would be considered if it includes visiting, collaborating, exchanging ideas or learning from successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneur organizations or includes mentoring and assistance for our members. Example: visit a business to learn from its CEO.


If you interested in partnering with us under the area of Education, please contact our Education Director. Under this area, your proposal will only be considered if you are referred to us, are keen to share relevant, practical knowledge to help our members improve their businesses, relationships and the community. Example: a talk on tax planning.

Support & Network

For networking, PR and support activities especially in assisting or supporting new members, please contact Support & Network Director. We are looking for opportunities to connect our members with each other, helping everyone to reach out to more customers, business partners and referrals. Example: organizing or hosting a Chinese New Year lunch.

Social Responsibility

If you wish to support our Community Events which falls under our Social Responsibility portfolio, please contact Social Responsibility Director. We focus on charities concerning disadvantaged women and children. Example: contributing cash or kind towards our annual activity for House of Hope.

Membership Enquiries/Applications/Renewals

For Membership matters (new membership application status, membership fee renewal etc.), please contact our Secretary or Assistant Secretary.

Exclusive Merchant Program

Open to businesses in Penang (especially if you own a cafe or a retail outlet in Penang). Please find out more about this program here. Or check the list of EMPs we currently have.

General Enquiries

For other emails, please contact us at