WomenBizSENSE July 2021 e-Magazine – Launched!

We are proud to launch the first edition of our WomenBizSENSE e-Magazine which is the brainchild of our Treasurer, Tebby Tan with the Committee’s support.

The objective of our e-Magazine is to introduce WomenBizSENSE to everyone and to bring value to all our members. It is also a way to ensure that even as our membership grows, we are always aware of other members’ businesses and what they do and most importantly, support each other!

We enable members to stay connected with each other during this “virtual” season and encourage members to give offers and value to each other. It will also enable members to discover how they can collaborate with each other better. 

Our e-Magazine will be published online every 3 months and available on our website as well as via WhatsApp to all WomenBizSENSE members.

If you wish to be featured in future editions of our e-Magazine or have useful articles to share, please reach out to any of the Committee