2021 Finalized Nominee List for AGM

 Thank you for nominating your candidates of choice to be voted in during the 19 March 2021 AGM. While we received a number of nominations for each Committee role, the nominees need to accept the nomination to be in the running for the Committee roles.

If you are unable to attend the AGM via Zoom on 19 March and would like to vote in advance, please email: wbselectioncommittee@gmail.com to get your advance voting form. You must submit your advance voting form latest by 14 March 2021 via email or else your vote will not be counted. 

Those who are attending the AGM on Zoom will be given the meeting link and voting will be via the e-polling feature inside Zoom. 

Below are candidates who accepted their nominations.

  • The positions with more than 1 name will undergo voting by members who turn up for the 19 March AGM via Zoom and via proxy advance voting.
  • The positions with only 1 name listed mean there is no contest as the other nominees for that position have declined and as such, the individual automatically wins uncontested in their respective positions. However, these individuals will need to be proposed and seconded during the AGM. Any objections need to be submitted to wbselectioncommittee@gmail.com by 14 March.