Update: Online Zoom Session 24 April with Rina Neoh


DUE TO COVID-19, we have rescheduled this talk to go online on 24 April 2020 via Zoom and it’s FREE for all entrepreneurs, male and female. Here’s how to sign up: https://tinyurl.com/wbs2020

About Rina Neoh, Our Guest Speaker

rina neoh

Rina Neoh’s Profile

Rina Neoh has more than 20 years of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world. With a solid foundation in B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science and a keen business sense acquired through an overseas MBA (International Business), Rina has delivered multi-million dollar returns from small business enterprises, which she has incubated, coached, invested in or promoted.

Rina is also instrumental in two IPOs in the Australian Stock Exchange and has executed complex cross border mergers and acquisitions. A seasoned executive with an operations and systems perspective, Rina is well known for setting up and developing companies across the Asia Pacific, including brick-and-mortar and technology-enabled enterprises.

Rina is the Founder/Investor of EduTech Asia Group of Companies that focuses on bringing thousands of educators from across Asia to evaluate and plan for the future of learning.

She currently sits on the Board of MATRADE and also the Senator Representing Malaysia for the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), an international organisation aiming to ease access to finance for businesses from start to scale up.

Rina co-founded Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd, a homegrown incubator based in
Singapore and a venture accelerator since 2006. Through its angel networks, Mercatus Group provided seed capital to promising new small ventures, with more than 60 startups seeded and incubated in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India, China and Hong Kong.

Rina holds strategic management roles, directorships and equities in Mercatus Capital, Synapse Global, Unlimited Brands, MindChamps International PreSchool Philippines, Ficus Venture Capital & Fintech Lab.

In addition to managing various companies as director or investor, Rina finds time to serve as business coach and adviser to several business advisory boards, NGOs & Universities. Rina spends most of her free time advocating “greenfield” businesses, promoting social entrepreneurship, women empowerment and volunteerism work.

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