WomenBizSENSE Interviewed By Guang Ming Daily for International Women’s Day 2020

With the reporter and photographer from Guang Ming after the interview.
From left: Hayzel Cheah, Krista Goon, Josephine Yoong and Low Jin Ting.
Josephine and Hayzel being interviewed by Guang Ming Daily.

WomenBizSENSE co-founders, Josephine and Krista were interviewed by Guang Ming Daily on 21 February 2020 as part of the Guang Ming feature for International Women’s Day that will be coming out soon. 

The Guang Ming reporter found us through our website and promptly contacted us for the interview held at Josephine’s shop, Precious Ones, at Lorong Selamat.

Krista and Josephine started WomenBizSENSE in this shop back in 2006 when they were both wondering how they could meet more women in small businesses. 

Two other members – Hayzel Cheah and Low Jin Ting – joined them to talk about how their businesses and lives improved after becoming WomenBizSENSE members.

Hayzel Cheah who runs Pacco Healthcare is in the business of arch support or removable shoe insoles to help with back pain. She joined our signature business mentoring programme last year and found it very useful in helping her think and structure her business. 

Low Jin Ting is our WBS Treasurer and is a mother to four daughters and works as well as runs a photography business with her husband called G3K Studio. She described how she manages her time with her family as well as business. 

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