WBS Connect – Introducing Tan Mei Ling

WBS Connect is a special lunch initiative where we will invite 3 members each time to personally find out more about their business needs and wants. This gives a deeper insight into each of our member’s businesses and enables us to connect them better with what they’re looking for, within WBS or outside of WBS.

Tan Mei Ling of Biing Han Ginseng
Tan Mei Ling of Biing Han Ginseng

Name: Tan Mei Ling
Company name: Biing Han Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Type of Business: Ginseng Healthcare

Q:  How did you get started in this biz?
A: 18 years ago, my brother in law introduced this ginseng product range to me as my sister was in ill health. She greatly improved after taking this ginseng. I was sceptical but when I encountered colleagues with ill health and referred them to this product range, I was pleasantly surprised at the improvement and results.

Sales were rapid and in 2004 I went to visit the HQ/ factory. As people responded well and the network grew (even in KL), this became my new career (I was a Quantity surveyor before). I was impressed with the system and business plan which could help many, not only in health benefits, but also as a business.

There are no targets, but only increasing rebates. There is a perception that ginseng is only for the wealthy, but with this plan and system, more people can gain in health. It suited my season in life too as my children were starting primary school and I could take care of family and build a long term career with flexible hours.

Q:  What do you love about your business?
A:  Seeing people’s health improve and I am shown appreciation for that. Daily we have toxins building up in our bodies, ginseng is highly effective to cleanse or feed/improve our body function.

As we meet new people who start joining our network, we build strong friendships and learn a lot about how our products help in different ways. It is rewarding to help others earn extra income too.

Q:  What are your key products?

A:  We have 2 product ranges:

1) Ginseng powder/ capsule- imported and using multi level marketing plan- as ginseng is for daily consumption, an MLM plan helps users to earn back 1 can of ginseng powder is from 1 kati of compressed ginseng (concentrated to 4 times for each granule)

2) Retail (from Taiwan) of ginseng products eg roots (red & white/ dry & fresh), teas, skincare, body shampoo, wine, slices, ginger ginseng (good for ovaries)

Q:  What are the unique selling points (USP)?
A:  In contrast to the traditional ways of processing ginseng, we employ the technology of low temperature (28 degrees as opposed to many traditional ways of 128 degrees which make it ‘heaty’), so our cost of investment is high.

Our ginseng are processed in Taiwan and grown in Chang Bai mountain (border of Korea & china) where the soil and weather is ideal (very high land where there is no pollution & pesticide free, in the ginseng gets to absorb high quality air). From seed to harvest takes 6 years (they stay in 1 piece of land for 2-3 years to absorb the minerals then move to new land with new nutrients (high wastage in the process)).

After drying for 4-5 months, they are steamed. Though labour and organic materials have increased in price, the company has maintained their prices.

Q:  How can WBS help you?
– Giving us opportunities to share about our products so we can increase our customer base as they join as members (for special prices); a number of WBS members are already members of our ginseng company and enjoying health benefits as a result.
– Word of mouth sharing (perhaps we can have a testimony corner in WBS website?)
– We can sponsor our ginseng drinks at fairs/ dinner events, etc as a form of publicity for our products
– Support our events eg we can organize a ginseng lunch and open up to your friends to see the variety of ways ginseng can be used to cook

Q:  How can you contribute to help WBS improve/grow?
A: If WBS has any functions, we can help in any way. I can share from what I have learnt doing my business. I will introduce friends in biz to join WBS (e.g a friend in floorboard biz, very reputable)

Q:  Any ethical issues faced in business?
A:  We have a competitor who is packaging their ginseng in same way and much cheaper, they even copy the plan and bottle (but without the ‘birth certificate number’ which all our bottles have, numbering which piece of land they originate from). But their ginseng is not from their own farm.

We stand on our business philosophy and quality control is of utmost importance to us. Every step of the process including packaging etc is owned by the same company.

Contact details: ginseng4u@gmail.com or 012-4758875

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