WBS Connect – Introducing Lilian Lim

WBS Connect is a special lunch initiative where Josephine and Krista will invite 4 members each time to personally find out more about their business needs and wants. This gives a deeper insight into each of our member’s businesses and enables us to connect them better with what they’re looking for, within WBS or outside of WBS.

Lilian Lim of SHL International (MM2H) Sdn Bhd
Lilian Lim of SHL International (MM2H) Sdn Bhd

Lilian Lim Lay Hoon

Business: SHL International (MM2H) Sdn Bhd
Email: lilian@mm2home.com
Phone: 016-4215262
Website: www.mm2home.com

Nature of Business: Licenced agent with Ministry of Tourism for promoting Malaysia My Second Home program, tourism & long-stay in Malaysia

How did it start?

It started because I love meeting people. Actually I was in the consumer industry for 17 years – I used to work for Coca-Cola and Kelloggs. At 40, I decided I wanted to be my own boss. My first business was a convenience mart called BestSavers Shopmart in Farlim. That business is still running and has been running for 16 years already. After that I got involved with the education line with a learning centre. Stumbled on the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) as a business – I have a partner in KL who takes care of the KL market while I take care of the Penang market. It has been 8 years since I got involved in the MM2H business. MM2H is a niche business and quite challenging.

What do you love about your biz?

I love meeting foreigners from different countries and the interaction with them gives me exposure to their culture and livelihood.

My Unique Selling Proposition:

I offer personalized services for MM2H. Whatever my client needs, I aim to cater to these needs. To me, almost every client sooner or later becomes a friend. I complement my MM2H services with other services such as inbound tours. I love promoting Penang to foreign visitors and that is why I have also set up my inbound tour company, Summer Place Travel Sdn Bhd, to do so.

How can WBS help you?

By promoting or letting others know of my inbound travel packages and my MM2H services such as the 1o year multiple visa for foreigners wishing to reside in Malaysia.

How can you contribute to WBS?

I would love to work with members and offer links to developers, hotels, cafes and insurance businesses.

Ethical issues:

Clients can be demanding so I have to be tactful and diplomatic. I need to ensure I have the highest integrity when dealing with MM2H clients. I do not charge high prices but whatever I do charge is worthy of its fees.


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